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  • Soma


    Stories Interview with Valio Tchenkov Soma – Solo Exhibition at Sarieva / Gallery In this issue of Stories we speak with Valio Tchenkov about his exhibition “Soma” at Sarieva / Gallery – what inspires and worries him in the current state of the world. S: Why SOMA? V: The exhibition was inspired by Aldous Huxley’s […]

  • Cabin UTROBA

    Cabin UTROBA

    Stories Interview with Melania Toma Cabin UTROBA – Part of Sarieva Residency at Sarieva / Gallery In the issue of Stories, dedicated to Melania Toma‘s Cabin UTROBA exhibition, we talk about her residency in Bulgaria and inspirations.  S: In his famous book “The Origins of History and Consciousness”, Erich Neumann (one of the most successful students […]

  • Off-Spaces & Non-Places

    Off-Spaces & Non-Places

    Stories Interview with Elena Chergilanova Off-Spaces & Non Places: Phenomenology of the Gallery Space Thesis Showcase at artnewscafe, Plovdiv, following the artist’s residency. In March of 2022, along with the ‘Artist’s Studio at Sarieva’ residency, which was offered to Tsvetomira Borisova , the ‘Communication and Art – residency for graphic designers’ winner was Elena Chergilanova, […]

  • Cool S

    Cool S

    Stories Interview & Backstory with Tsvetomira Borisova Cool S – Solo Exhibition, following the Artist’s Studio Residency at Sarieva Gallery In February 2022 Sarieva Gallery announced an Open Call for its inaugural Artist Residency programme, in collaboration with the Open Arts Foundation. In the spirit of the gallery’s rejuvenation and new chapter (following Sariev & […]

  • ECHO


    Stories ECHO Stories is a conception initialized by Sarieva Gallery and aimed at forming an environment of dialogue and communication between authors and audiences through various curious formats and media. Stories poses questions, seeks answers, provokes and experiments by inciting a more personal relation with the art creators themselves. The curator Vesselina Sarieva initiated a […]