Sasho Stoitzov

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Sasho Stoitzov was born in 1952 in Blagoevgrad. He graduated from the National Art High School, Sofia in 1971 and after graduation he returned to his hometown where he made his own studio.  His first works are kept there to this day. The studio became a meeting place for artists, friends, a free place to listen to music outside the communist reality that marked the social, social and artistic life in Bulgaria until 1989. During this period Sasho experimented with the technique, subject matter and presentation of his paintings. Many of his works were rejected by the juries of the General Art Exhibitions, which for their time were the main venue for artists to express themselves in the art system controlled by the Union of Bulgarian Artists and the state.
Quite naturally, he fell into the vanguard of conceptual actions on the threshold of the transition and participated in the first manifestations of the so-called “unconventional arts” in Bulgaria. Subsequently, Sasho Stoitzov became the founder of the artistic “Blagoevgrad Group” – a free formation of artists. In 1988, with the group he made the legendary art action and exhibition “11.11.88” – one of the first forums of conceptual art in the country, and in 1989 he organized the first national exhibition of “unconventional” art “11.11.89” in the Art Gallery of Blagoevgrad. He also participated in some of the most important exhibitions for the development of Bulgarian art, such as “Earth and Sky” (1989), “Kaymak-Art” (1992), “N-Forms? Reconstructions and Interpretations (1994), Export-Import (2003), etc. Since 1998 he has lived and worked in New York. He returned to Bulgaria in 2010 and today is an active participant in the country’s artistic life.

Among his most significant solo exhibitions are: Program Series, Rakovski 108 Gallery, Sofia (1980); Waterfall, Sofia City Art Gallery (2006); Natural, National Art Gallery, Sofia (2004); Mosholu PKWY, Match Beech Gallery, New York (2003); “Saxophonist in the Bathroom”, ATA-Ray Gallery, Sofia (1996); “Eastern Miniatures”, National Art Gallery, Sofia (1996); “Signs”, HO Gallery, Berlin (1996); “Hole in the Parquet”, Sariev Gallery, Plovdiv (2011). He has participated in a number of group exhibitions.

Winner of the M-Tel Prize for Contemporary Art (2007).
Sasho Stoitzov’s works are part of collections such as National Art Gallery, Sofia City Art Gallery, MMOMA, Moscow.

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