Rudi Ninov’s “Writing Paintings”

Galleria Continua presents the solo show “Writing Paintings” by the Sarieva/Gallery represented artist Rudi Ninov, in the ex-cinema theatre spaces of its San Gimignano gallery.

This exhibition showcases  sculptures and paintings as a manifestation of the artist’s current preoccupation with sound and shape. Ninov studies how they relate to one another and how sound can be translated into shape and colour in his works. He explores the formal and the personal, the abstract and the figurative. The works approach and welcome different shapes and colours. References to music, comic strips, collected objects, written fables and poems can be found in the artworks which is typical for the young artist’s work. 

“Rudi Ninov’s practice develops in an indeterminate inbetween” declares writer and journalist Franklin Melendez “[…] that magic moment where a gesture-sign is emergent but
has yet to crystallize”.

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Photo cr.: Rudi Ninov – Writing Paintings 2023, exhibition view Galleria Continua San Gimignano, Italy. Photo: Ela Bialkowska, OKNO Studio

All rights belong to Rudi Ninov, Galleria Continua and OKNO Studio.