Nedko Solakov’s “Stories on Paper”

Stories on Paper is the third solo exhibition of Nedko Solakov in Georg Kargl, Vienna.

The exhibition plays with personal and collective stories with the entire range of human emotions, including interactions between reality and imagination with the social and political dimensions.

“I am telling stories in space” – to quote Solakov. Since the 1980s the artist has used paintings, drawings and installations to tell timeless stories of universal vastness. In the artist’s work, text and image are intertwined to create their own unique conception; they go hand in hand – neither as  descriptions nor illustrations.

Humour is also one of the main tools of expression that can be seen in the exhibition. The artist uses humour to channel the inadequacy of the world and humankind in general. The humour is used in many different ways – from funny to melancholic, saddening and even cynical; seen as a collective practice of dealing with contradictions or a philosophical practice without particular applications.

The exhibition includes series Smart Moves, A Beauty on Stand-by, Leftovers from Fairy Tales’ Discarded Parts and the single drawings from Stories in Colour, where Solakov addresses various different topics.

The exhibition was opened on October 14th in Georg Kargl BOX, Vienna and available to be seen until November 26th.