Our current projects include: the Studio – Residency, during which the gallery is being transformed into an artist’s studio, a place for creating artworks and interacting with curators, collectors and wide audiences; and the project for public art – Sarieva Open Arts. Both porjects are a collaboration between Sarieva / Gallery and Open Arts Foundation.

Sarieva Studio Residency 2021:

Spring session:
Tsvetomira Borisova – Cool S – 29 April 2022 – 28 May 2022
Elena Chergilanova – Off-Spaces and Non-Places – 29 April 2022 – 25 May 2022


Autumn Session: Upcoming

Sarieva Open Arts:

Christo for Beginners by Luchezar Boyadjiev – August – November 2022

Christo for Beginners- Stage I 
Solo exhibition by Luchezar Boyadjiev
5 August 2022 – 30 September

Walk & Talk Tour
Lecture tour in urban environment with Luchezar Boyadjiev
August 6th, 2022, various locations, Plovdiv

Jeanne-Claude for Beginners (or Power Girls in Public Space)
Group exhibition and discussion
September 9th – October 9th, 2022
artnewscafe, Plovdiv

Maria Nalbantova, Sophia Grancharova, Iskra Blagoeva, Natalia Todorova-Lenz, Aksiniya Peicheva, Boryana Rossa, Selma Selman, Kalina Dimitrova, Dessislava Terzieva, Mariela Gemisheva, Ina Valentinova, Šejla Kamerić, Ana Prvački
Curated by Luchezar Boyadjiev


The Presence of Absence
Artistic project in public space by Luchezar Boyadjiev
September 11th, 2022, 20:30
Plovdiv, Central Square, 20 meters in front of the Gyuro Mihaylov monument


Upcoming stages of the project