January 2023

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Dear friends,

Thank you for being with us in 2022! Sarieva/Gallery has prepared for you exciting art in 2023!

The first exhibition for this year at Sarieva/Gallery, Plovdiv will be in February, showcasing works by the young artist Aaron Roth. A solo show by the gallery artist Pravdoliub Ivanov will follow. Other upcoming exhibitions will present international discovery artists and a thematic group show.
We are enthusiastically preparing for the opening of Sarieva @ DOT in Sofia this spring-summer season, which will be marked by a solo exhibition by Stefan Nikolaev.
We’re glad to announce that this year Sarieva/Gallery will be a part of Art Brussels 2023, presenting solo project and new works by the young artist Rudi Ninov.

Exciting new initiatives for collectors will be offered by Sarieva/Studio, Sofia throughout the year. Open Arts Foundation will hold the annual Collectors’ Forum event in Bulgaria too.

The foundation will continue supporting young artists by introducing more projects, following the ideas and mission of Young Artists Residency and Portfolio Day.

Stay tuned for even more new projects!

Peace and love!
The Sarieva team

Artists news

Rudi Ninov 

Writing Paintings
Solo exhibition
January 21 – April 29 2023

Galleria Continua, San Gimignano

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Nedko Solakov

Seven Deadly Sins
Group show
October 14 2023 – April 1 2024

Curators: Andreas Hoffer and Elisabeth Kainberger

Kunsthalle Krems, Krems

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In 2022 the gallery had a very productive program with, serving our three main lines of work – Rediscovery, Discovery and Represented artists.


Two exhibitions have been focused on Rediscovery of artists and showcasing never before seen works from the 70s and 80s. The shows in question were Echo and Capsule.

ECHO Vladimir Ivanov, Stanka Tsonkova – Usha, Sophia Grancharova

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Capsule Sasho Stoitzov

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The gallery partnered with Open Arts Foundation in the realization of the Young Artists Residency project, aimed at discovering young talents. The programme organised three month-long residencies in Plovdiv with two open-calls for Bulgarian artists and one closed-call for international artists.

Cool S Tsvetomira Borisova

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Cabin UTROBA Melania Toma

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Gallery represented

The gallery-represented artists Valio Tchenkov and Luchezar Boyadjiev presented well-resieved solo exhibitions.

Soma Valio Tchenkov

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Christo for Beginners Part of Christo for Beginners Luchezar Boyadjiev

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Working with artists

Represented artists: Rada Boukova, Luchezar Boyadjiev, Pravdoliub Ivanov, Stefan Nikolaev, Nedko Solakov, Kamen Stoyanov, Valio Tshenkov, Rudi Ninov

Rediscovery: Tekla Wilhelm Alexieva, Vladimir Ivanov, Albena Mihaylova – Benji, Vesselin Sariev and Sasho Stoitzov

Discovery: Maria Nalbanotva, Dimitar Shopov, Aaron Roth

In 2022 we’ve been working closely with Mihail Mihailov, Marta Djourina and Sophia Grancharova as well.

Transforming the space through the year

Elena Chergilanova presented her publication Off-Spaces & Non-Places, completed within the framework of Young Artists Residency. In it, she addresses the topics of exhibition design and the phenomenology of space, drawing on the work of Sarieva/Gallery as a case study. Here’s what she had to say about the ever-changing exhibition space:

“To remain contemporary, that is to say current, galleries and institutions are learning to dispose of the elitist rhetoric of the white cube by finding new ways to “permeate the social landscape” in a less and less formal manner. While working on this thesis, I had the chance to witness one such transformation at Sarieva Gallery… By allowing itself to openly disclose its ongoing process of constructive deconstruction, Sarieva becomes a living and breathing environment; its own site-specific installation, transcending the white cube model.”

Artists' Highlights 2022

Rada Boukova: “ThisPlay”; ARTER

Luchezar Boyadjiev: “The time has come to talk of many things…” (group show); National Gallery / “Sparks of Imagination: on the Frequencies of Beuys” (group show); National Gallery / “ThisPlay” (group show); ARTER
Curated by Luchezar Boyadjiev: “Jeanne-Claude for Beginners” (group show); artnewscafé / “Self-splaining (a Triumph of Empathy)”, Manifesta 14 (group show), Pristina

Pravdoliub Ivanov: “The time has come to talk of many things…” (group show); National Gallery / “Sparks of Imagination: on the Frequencies of Beuys” (group show); National Gallery / “Double UP! Kunst und Design mit neuen Perspektiven” (group show); Neues Museum Nürnberg /“Self-splaining (a Triumph of Empathy)”, Manifesta 14 (group show), Pristina
Curated by Pravdoliub Ivanov: „New Plovdiv Realism“, part of “7 – Outside Traffic” (group show); The Union of Bulgarian Artists

Stefan Nikolaev: “Sparks of Imagination: on the Frequencies of Beuys” (group show); National Gallery / “Still Life” (solo show); Michel Rein / “Self-splaining (a Triumph of Empathy)”, Manifesta 14 (group show), Pristina / “L’ami·e modèle” (group show); Mucem

Nedko Solakov: “After the Wall” (group show); MoMA, Floor 2, 208 The David Geffen Wing / “A Cornered Solo Show #1” (solo show); Mudam Luxembourg / “10+1 Paintings” (solo show); Credo Bonum Gallery / “Marta Maps. New Routes through the Collection.” (group show); Marta Herford / “Subterranean” (group show); Amox Rex Museum / “A Cornered Solo Show #2” (solo show); MAXXI / “Wishes” (solo show); Kula Gallery / “Face-à-Face” (group show); Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean

Kamen Stoyanov: “Are you sure you want to leave?” (group show); art quarter budapest / “Stories We Live With” (group show); Q Contemporary / “Mardin Biennial” (group show); Mardin Biennial / “What Can Be Done?” (group show); Traiskirchen, Austria / “Animal Within” (group show); MUMOK

Valio Tchenkov: “Cream Dream” (solo show); Belleparais / “Poster Campaign 2021/2022” (group show); Pinakothek der Moderne
Curated by Valio Tchenov: “An den Zäunen rüttelnd” (group show); Belleparais

Rudi Ninov: “The Hanging Show” (group show); ICA Gallery

Stories is a concept initialized by Sarieva / Gallery, aimed at forming an environment of dialogue and communication between artists and audiences through various curious formats. We ask questions, seek answers, provoke and experiment by inciting a more personal relation with the art creators. So far we’ve enriched our archive with personal stories by the artists from the ECHO exhibition (Vladimir Ivanov, Stanka Tsonkova-Usha, Sophia Grancharova), Tsvetomira BorisovaElena ChergilanovaMelania Toma and Valio Tchenkov. We’re planning to keep adding more interviews and personal talks with every artist, exhibiting at the gallery.

Stories archive

Selected Press

Over the past year, numerous reports and interviews in television, print and online media presented the activities of Sarieva / Gallery.

Our first exhibition this year ECHO was presented in Culture.BG on BNT, as well as internationally on Art Viewer – ECHO at Sarieva. Sasho Stoitzov’s show received international presentation on Art Viewer – Sasho Stoitzov at Sarieva, also on a national level with an article in Portal Culture. Our final exhibition for this season also received a media coverage – Soma on Culture.BG and Art Viewer – Valio Tchenkov at Sarieva.

Our resident Melania Toma was a guest on Line Culture“ on BNT2, and Tsvetomira Borisova received an article about her residency in Art Viewer.

The project „Christo for Beginners“ was presented in BNR – Luchezar Boyadjiev presents „Christo for Beginners“, as well as Art Viewer. „Jeanne-Claude for Beginners“ was presented in Ploshtad Slaveikov – „Power girls“ help us understand about Christo and Jean-Claude and Dnes.BG – Jean-Claude for Beginners: The Power Girls.

Sarieva / Gallery was described as one of the best places for art in Plovdiv in the article “10 of the best European city breaks with a difference” published by The Guardian.

This is only a small part of the many of media outlets that we are grateful for their coverage of our events.