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Nedko Solakov’s “A Cornered Solo Show” series present stories made for a very specific spots in the museum space: a transitional place that is usually not used for exhibiting art. The place might not be normally noticed by visitors, but after Solakov’s artistic intervention, it will offer an access to artist’s thoughts and ideas.

Exhibited between 6th October 2021 and 18th April 2022 in the lockers of “Mudam – The Contemporary Art Museum of Luxembourg” (curated by Clément Minighetti) Nedko Solakov’s “A Cornered Solo Show #1” is the first of the series of solo exhibitions located in insignificant corners of various prominent museums.

Famous for his sense of humour and work that challenges the absurdities of everyday life’s social norms, Solakov’s installation plays with the idea of retrospective exhibition format. Presented during the current world’s health crisis, the exhibition investigates the subject of social isolation. Solakov clarifies about the show: “‘It is a story about our times, when, even if we are cornered by the situation worldwide, we still have to survive, and an artist’s point of view, from the corner, might help us to better swallow the bitterness of daily life”.

The exhibition series are organised in collaboration with the MAXXI – National Museum of XXI Century Arts, Rome.

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Exhibition view: Nedko Solakov ‘A Cornered Solo Show #1’ Mudam Luxembourg ©Photo: Rémi Villaggi

For second part of the series “A Cornered Solo Show #2” (curated by Hou Hanru and Monia Trombetta), Nedko Solakov has conceived an intervention for the corner of the lobby of the MAXXI, National Museum of 21st Century Art in Rome that involves an artistic practice that branches into storytelling through the use of both images and words.  Solakov’s work turns the corner of the museum from an unnoticeable place into something that easily catches the eye of the visitors.

Short descriptions and aphorisms with double meanings become a vehicle for comments and thoughts on collective issues. Playing with words – like corner/cornered – the artist explores the complexities and contradictions  of contemporary art by ironically revealing its hidden mechanisms.

The artwork also includes reflections and thoughts on the tragic events from the Russian invasion of Ukraine which started in February 2022.

The artwork can be seen in the museum’s lobby until 25th September.

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© Nedko Solakov. Courtesy the artist, Galleria Continua and Fondazione MAXXI

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