Sarieva / Gallery was founded by Vesselina Sarieva in 2021 as a third generation gallery inheriting the family galleries which effected a crucial development in the international popularisation of Bulgarian contemporary art. Putting another layer to this heritage, Sarieva / Gallery sets a new refined and modern program with a larger geographical focus.

The gallery represents significant artists with an established career and at the same time maintains its list of artists with available works and principal passion – to discover, re-discover and develop artistic figures, to present unknown or little-known artistic content from specific regions.

Sarieva / Gallery has a style of dynamic and reflexive contemporary gallery practice, organising a meeting ground and an environment for dialogue, learning about, supporting and contextualising art with various means and thus exceeding the traditional model of the white cube and the black box.

Located in Plovdiv, the second biggest city in Bulgaria and one of the main cultural centres, known for its rich history and artistic scene, Sarieva is currently in the process of establishing a branch in Sofia, Bulgaria and a program abroad.

The gallery founder and director Vesselina Sarieva is author, art and context curator, art collector and manager with international recognition. Vesselina was co-director of Sariev Contemporary from 2011 till it closed in 2022. She is also founder and director of  Open Arts Foundation (2007), artnewscafe (2008) and Sarieva/Hub (2022).