Sarieva / Gallery was founded in September, 2021 in the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Since November 2021, it has been realizing a program in Sofia and is currently in the process of establishing a permanent whereabouts in Sofia and abroad, all of which is scheduled for the period 2022-2023. Sarieva / Gallery represents a list of artists and follows an active program.

Sarieva / Gallery is a dynamic and reflexive contemporary gallery practice, organizing a meeting ground and an environment for dialogue, learning about and supporting art, which contextualizes art with various means and thus exceeds the traditional model of the white cube and the black box.

The gallery represents significant international authors with an established career and at the same time maintains its principal passion – to discover, re-discover and develop artistic figures, to present unknown or little-known artistic content from specific regions and to organize an educational context around it.

The exhibitions are mainly solo or duo shows or such that require a specific curatorial focus. In order to uphold its conceptions, Sarieva / Gallery often presents works owned by collections and cultural institutions without altering its specific profile as a gallery working exclusively with the primary market.

The gallery alternates its traditional exhibition agenda with projects by Sarieva Gallery Lab that open up possibilities for experimentation and development. These projects have been organized mainly in the square space of the Plovidv Gallery. Sarieva Lab’s current projects include: the Sarieva Studio – Residency, during which the gallery is being transformed into an artist’s studio, a place for creating artworks and interacting with curators, collectors and wide audiences; the Sarieva Open Arts annual project.

The gallery founder and director Vesselina Sarieva is author, art and context curator, art collector and manager with international recognition. Her greatest achievement consists in supporting, preserving and promoting internationally Bulgarian contemporary art. She is focused in discovering and establishing little-known art territories, authors and environments. Vesselina was co-director of Sariev Contemporary from 2011 till it closed in 2022. She is also founder and director of  Open Arts Foundation(2007),artnewscafe(2008) and Sarieva/Hub (2022)